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All of our candidates are ex-military who have either come to the end of their military career or have decided to leave. We then train them at our state of the art academy in different skills and techniques in cyber security. They gain top, industry recognised qualifications in either Offensive, Defensive or Information Assurance.

Typical roles and industries that our course graduates will go into include:

  • Penetration Tester
  • SOC Analyst
  • Threat Detection
  • Incident Response
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Information Security
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We provide ex-military personnel a pathway

We only take the top 10% of candidates.

We offer continued support for at least 2 years

To gain access to our free courses they will first undergo a comprehensive selection process where we identify the right candidates, as a minimum our candidates will display a commitment to entering the cyber security market and aptitude to undertake roles within professional organisations. We only take the top 10% of candidates.

Our offensive security candidates will then take on a rigorous 3-week camp in penetration testing, culminating with the Cyber Scheme Team Members qualification. Together with their current security clearance they will immediately qualify for CHECK team member status.

Our defensive security candidates will take on a demanding 3-week camp, learning new skills in, defending against threats, incident response and SOC analyst training.

The candidates will have to pass the CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst qualification and then receive a hands on exercises in real life scenario’s.

Our information assurance courses are 3 weeks worth of intensive learning. They will receive a thorough understanding and qualifications in ISO27001 and EU GDPR. They will also understand how the skills that they learn are then applied in the real world.

After successful completion of the course the students will then receive 2 years support (or more if required) from our experts who will assist them with all of their needs. They will continue to learn and develop in their new roles and we will assist the businesses at the same time.

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